This will be my first post in this blog and it is already quarter to 12 midnight and I’m going to sleep. After trying to make this blog for almost 3 hours because of the very nice internet but i still manage to make one.

Having this blog. I’m hoping to give life to every youth that will spend time to read my devotions. I don’t really have a plan to make a blog but when I read the word of Paul about being idle, it make me think that I need to make something to share the word of God. I’m not an outgoing person and I’m very tired to go out that is why I decided to make this blog and I can spend all my day in the house and I can be able to share the word of God in here. I don’t really know what to write in this blog, I just take a step of faith because God wants me to do this I know for sure He will lead my way and He will give me the words that He want to share to other youths that He loves.

Praying for awesomeness with Christ.





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